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A Bit About Me…

I’m a Brooklyn-based writer, pet owner, wife, and occasionally decent cook who believes that many small, mindful shifts can lead to positive, big changes. As a reporter, I love sharing other people’s stories, ideas, and inspirations. As a former beauty editor (first at Marie Claire, then at RealBeauty.com), I love researching the best new products and trends. And, as a budding convert to greener living, I have lots—and lots—of questions. So, I decided to marry my interests and create a blog for people, like myself, who are looking for eco- and charity-minded shopping tips, level-headed health advice, and handy at-home tricks that are good for us and our planet in a way that’s nonjudgmental, accessible, and, most importantly, fun.

(And, yes, that is a kale cocktail pictured.)